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Hello, my people,

Can you believe we are (almost) halfway into February? I personally feel like it’s been a series of holidays and celebrations since the year started and now here we are ..celebrating the month of LOOOVE!!

I see hearts of all colors, shapes, and sizes everywhere- from the window displays to coffee cups sporting latte art. Not that I’m complaining- it is my favorite shape and for those who know me.. my most used emoji!

So, I invite you to step into the heart space, and let’s do this activity together. Can we put a heart on our kids, partner, colleague, boss, and all the significant others in our lives doors, closets, or anywhere else they are likely to see it – with a sentence to tell them all the things we love and appreciate about them! One heart note, one message, one e-mail- anything.. let’s do this starting today…till the end of the month!

Who’s in?

This is my second year doing this and by day 3, they were all eagerly waiting for their love messages the next day! It’s so amazing and so contagious- you’ll be sure to catch the LOVE bug! Not only that, a week in, I got so many beautiful heart notes too!

Share with me and send me pictures of how it’s going… it will keep us all motivated and creative. Here is a pic of how I’m getting started and how it’s going!

How it started and how it's going

My express thanks to each one of you for taking the time to subscribe, read and share this within your community. I intend to keep this as a 2-way communication, so stay in touch (There are many ways at: www.drtanushkamelwani.com)

Stay well. Stay Happy. Stay in Looove!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tip of the Month


As Maya Angelou says:

Love life. Engage in it.
Give it all you’ve got.
Love it with a passion
because life truly
does give back, many
times over, what you
put into it.

Inspire us with your Life love story and stand a chance to win a free session with me worth USD 100!

Write to me your life love story– Who knows, a collection of these stories might inspire our very own version of Chicken soup for the soul! Love does make the world go around and here’s to taking many trips around the heart. Are you ready??


A foundational need for everyone to feel secure comes from feeling safe, seen, and soothed. Secure attachment in childhood defines and underlies all your adult relationships. Yes, it does!

The question is -are all relationships in your life feeling a level of safety being around you? Are you feeling safe around them?
Receiving and giving mixed signals and walking around on eggshells spells NOT SAFE!
SAFE is a no-judgment zone and your authenticity will keep others from being fake.

What does it mean to be SEEN? Not only seeing each other with our eyes but do we really ‘get’ them and stay in their corner? When we can truly see others (and ourselves) for who it is they/we are, we allow them (and ourselves) to know self-love!

And then, SOOTHED– of course hugs, love, and physical touch is important, but did you know that LISTENING is the new LOVING? When we can listen without judgment, and criticism and not need to jump in with do’s and don’t’s- all our relationships will luxuriate in our love.

In this month of love and beyond let’s surround ourselves with people who make us feel loved, worthy, and like we matter. Can we too swaddle them in the proverbial security blanket of safety, being seen and soothed??

Security check

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My Love Note To You All:

Thank you for the immense support, pride, and lovely messages I continue to receive through Free to Be. This work is making massive shifts in my life and relationships and in turn for all my clients.

With so much gratitude for allowing me to stay grounded as I move forwards on the conscious parenting path toward growing myself up.

I’m here for you if you are ready for this life-changing and paradigm-shifting conversation.

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What I Know For Sure…

Is that .. everyone has a story to tell.. it’s the meaning we make about our reality. But really…if we could be a little blunt, we might say that the stories people say about themselves are actually lies. Or at the very least, they are simply one version of events. We can begin to change our lives when we realize that the stories we tell ourselves can change too!

While these stories were adaptive in childhood they are maladaptive in adulthood. Want to learn how to change the narrative? Want to learn self-love?

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