Hi! I am Dr. Tanushka and I am a true multi-hyphenate. My co-ordinates go as dentist-hospital administrator-conscious parenting coach-writer-saying it with flowers enthusiast-impact investor-mom of two… and while I have certifications for almost all of them, the most important hat I wear (and for which I don’t have a certification) is the mommy!!

Becoming Mommy

What I did know .. was that I would be fabulous at it, my kids would be poster kids, trophies and medals would adorn and glisten our home.. and yes they would be on track to fame, fortune and success!

What I didn’t know .. was that I was a movie director too! … Yes, I had this fantasy movie in my head.. the movie called “My Family”. Completely scripted, cast, and costumed out.. on how my kids, parenting, and motherhood would be

So where is the problem right?

NONE of my kids was buying into it. They weren’t saying their lines right and neither was the movie set matching the one in my head.. it was a mess….I was a mess.. “My Family”, the movie.. was a flop!

Getting onto the hamster’s wheel

I was failing as a mom, comparing myself and my kids thinking every mom is doing it better than me… exhausted from arguing, nagging, fighting… begging, pleading.. and having daily tantrums of my own..what had become of the sweet innocent babies and toddlers (clearly I had forgotten the toddler tantrums) to these feral tweens and teens? What had I done to deserve this?

My world was spinning ‘Out of control’- they were doing ‘bad’ things, they were ‘bad’ kids and most importantly they were making ME look ‘bad’!!!

With fear in the driver’s seat, I catastrophized and personalized. My crystal ball spelled gloom and doom for their future and mine!

Hello Panic, my dear friend… it had come to be with me again

What do I do?… Of course only what I know and what I experienced growing up. Amped up control, blame, shame and guilt.

And where does that put me?

On the proverbial hamster’s wheel. I was basically trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! Einstein summed it up well. I was living the definition of “insanity”!

Does this resonate?

Wasn’t parenting supposed to be natural? Wasn’t a good parent supposed to be a loving one? Isn’t parenting about raising happy children? Didn’t the parent need to be in control?

With these questions swirling in my head and armed with a heavy dose of ‘victim consciousness’, my tween and teen metaphorically and literally brought me to my knees. I found myself on all fours scouring the lowest shelf in the parenting self-help section of the bookstore.

Learning under Dr. Shefali Tsabary ushered me to find the answers within and raise myself first.

A small book titled “Respectful Parenting” caught my eye. Whoa.. what’s that?? It’s an oxymoron of course!!.. This concept intrigued me as I thought about it… was there ever anything respectful about parenting? The words just didn’t belong together…

This then prompted me to take a deep dive into Respectful and Conscious Parenting and understand how all of us parents have drunk a potent dose of the 7 main flavors of the Parental Kool-Aid… our parenting myths… we had been sold a lie!!

The Truth Prevails

Graduating as a coach practitioner in the Conscious Parenting methodology under Dr. Shefali Tsabary and years of learning and practicing these revolutionary tools and methods that turn and question traditional ‘control’ driven parenting paradigms on their head ushered me to look and find the answers within and raise myself first, towards a transformation like none other.

Free to Be

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of a deep connection with myself, my children, and in turn all my relationships and 100’s of clients later, I continue to be passionate to help and support parents, grandparents, educators, teachers, and really anyone that has been parented… in their journey to honoring themselves and liberating their children to be their most authentic selves.

Yes, we have to free our children of the burden of living out our dreams and it is our sacred obligation to them to grow ourselves up first before we can raise the ones in front of us.

Tried everything else? Do you dare to raise yourself up? Want to learn how?

My Philosophy

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

Feelings, lead us to emotions, thoughts, and then actions. It is the fundamental basis of all our interactions and reactivity in all our relationships.

Not being aware and able to really “feel” our feelings, we are unable to see and allow our children to do the same. Unprocessed feelings lie waiting dormant until the trigger arrives sending us down the slippery slope of reactivity and disconnection.

Using the parent-child (and your inner child) dynamic, we peel away the layers and subconscious belief systems and patterns that keep you in a (dysfunctional) loop and learn how to break it- generationally!


Our children are our greatest teachers. They are here to show us the way to our most true selves. They are here to usher us to our deepest healing. May you always be reminded of their power and purpose, so you may CONNECT with your children and FIND who YOU truly are!

Your sacred obligation to your children, and in all your relationships really, is to grow yourself up.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary