Our generation is looking for a new way and our children are thirsting for connection (albeit showing it in the strangest ways!).

Conscious Parenting is a revolutionary new-age way of parenting that turns the traditional parenting paradigms/methods on its head.

It asks us to look and examine the ‘myth’ of parenting your child but rather raising the child within us first. It is a game-changer that turns away the spotlight from “fixing” and “controlling” the child/children in front of us and rather focuses on “raising” ourselves to the highest level of awareness possible.

By shifting the focus and spotlight from your child’s behaviors to your own, conscious parenting will take you on a deep dive to explore your own emotional legacy. Your transformation and healing will then impact and empower your children and allow you to be connected like never before.. first to yourself and then within all your relationships.

This paradigm offers the awareness that parenting is not about the child but rather the parent themselves. With this, anyone who has been ‘parented’ qualifies.

Are you ready to take that deep dive and grow yourself up?


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Our children are our greatest teachers. They are here to show us the way to our most true selves. They are here to usher us to our deepest healing. May you always be reminded of their power and purpose, so you may CONNECT with your children and FIND who YOU truly are!

Your sacred obligation to your children, and in all your relationships really, is to grow yourself up.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary