Fight. Flee. Freeze.

The thought of change causes our nervous system to brace for the unfamiliar. This rapidly translates to our brain sending our body signals to go into survival mode and ready itself to Fight, Flee or just freeze. To add another two – perhaps even Fix and Fawn.

By diagnosing and understanding our predominant and secondary parenting styles we can now begin to understand the loops and patterns that we fall into when triggered. Our behavior/reactivity gives us clues and insights into our cultural and familial conditioning and how we were parented thus cementing our belief systems… the proverbial ‘lens’ through which we see and experience the world.

When we learn that all our projections and world view are a result of the ‘muddied lens’ we now know that we can clean or even begin to change the lens. This cleaning of our lens requires us to become discerning and question where and when these belief systems took root in us and their verity.

As we begin to break our patterns and shed the old ways by attending to our own “inner child” we begin to embrace lasting and real change that unshackles us from our own imprisonment. Ready for freedom?

I invite you to start your journey out of your comfort zone to your confident zone.

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