Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

Be INSPIRED, EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED to meet your parenting and relationship challenges by re-parenting and raising yourself up first into the parent, partner and person you NEED to be rather than the one you SHOULD be.

My Philosophy

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou

Feelings, lead us to emotions, thoughts, and then actions. It is the fundamental basis of all our interactions and reactivity in all our relationships.

Not being aware and able to really “feel” our feelings, we are unable to see and allow our children to do the same. Unprocessed feelings lie waiting dormant until the trigger arrives sending us down the slippery slope of reactivity and disconnection.

Using the parent-child (and your inner child) dynamic, we peel away the layers and subconscious belief systems and patterns that keep you in a (dysfunctional) loop and learn how to break it- generationally!

Why are we afraid to change? And why we must.

When we learn that all our projections and world view are a result of the ‘muddied lens’ we now know that we can clean or even begin to change the lens.

Make The Change

At the Conscious Code, using the parent-child (and your inner child) dynamic through Bootcamp 3-day workshops or through 1:1 sessions we deconstruct, decode and diagnose your parenting style, your patterns and belief systems, and the reactive loops you get into… read more

Are you ready to grow yourself up?

You are never too early or too late.


To diagnose your parenting style and explore and deconstruct your triggers and patterns that keep you in a loop in all your relationships.


Communication and set clear and consistent boundaries without punitive discipline, victim mindset or passive aggression.


Shift from the role of fantasy parent, partner, boss a mentor and guide


Create a safe space for your child and other relationships to express who they truly are.


My Story

Hi! I am Dr. Tanushka, and I am a true multi-hyphenate. My co-ordinates go as dentist-hospital administrator-conscious parenting coach-writer-saying it with flowers enthusiast-impact investor-mom of two… and while I have certifications for almost all of them, the most important hat I wear (and for which I don’t have a certification) is the mommy!!

Join the New Age Revolution

Conscious Parenting offers the awareness that parenting is not about the child but rather the parent themselves. With this, anyone who has been ‘parented’ qualifies.

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tanushka when we were facing some challenging behavioral problems with our three-year-old daughter, Joni. From the very beginning, Dr. Tanushka’s expertise and compassionate approach put us at ease and gave us hope for a positive outcome. Throughout the session, Dr. Tanushka displayed an impressive understanding of child psychology and a deep knowledge of conscious parenting techniques. She took the time to listen attentively to our concerns, patiently answering our questions and addressing our specific challenges. Her ability to empathise with our situation made us feel understood and supported, creating a safe space for open and honest communication. Dr. Tanushka’s guidance and practical advice were truly invaluable. She provided us with a range of effective strategies tailored to Joni’s unique needs, helping us to better understand her behavior and respond in a conscious and empathetic manner. Her insights into the developmental stages of a three-year-old were eye-opening, enabling us to see things from Joni’s perspective and make necessary adjustments to our parenting style. What impressed us most about Dr. Tanushka was her ability to empower us as parents. She encouraged us to trust our instincts, fostering a sense of confidence in our ability to navigate the challenges of parenting. Her emphasis on building a strong parent-child connection through active listening, validation, and setting clear boundaries truly transformed our interactions with Joni. Thanks to Dr. Tanushka’s expertise and guidance, we have witnessed good progress in Joni’s behavior. Her tantrums have significantly reduced, and she has become more cooperative and communicative. Moreover, we have noticed a positive shift in our own parenting approach, as we now prioritize understanding and empathy. Her dedication & knowledge have been helpful in transforming our family dynamics and enhancing our relationship with Joni. We are very grateful for her guidance and the positive impact it has had on our home life.

Anonymous, Sydney, Australia

Through the workshop, I actually developed a refreshed perspective on parenting. It made me more curious about my children’s behaviour and what is the real underlying problem rather than just being upset about their surface behaviour & thoughtless words.

The key golden concept I learnt that will stay with me for life is – It is not about creating a fantasy image of a happy family, but building a connected family where kids or even parents feel heard & supported in a safe & non-judgemental space. That’s what family is all about.

Thank you Dr Tanushka for all the amazing tips that will help me so much along my parenting journey. Much blessings & love to you.

Allyson, Malaysia

Tanushka is a fantastic resource for parents. The workshop was insightful, well balanced and full of tools for us to practice conscious parenting.

I am so grateful for the time and painstaking effort Tanushka put in to make this a balanced interaction. I would highly recommend this to even parents who don’t have challenges with their children as it’s a great way to check into the health of your parenting styles, recalibrate your family values and most importantly connect with your child.

The last three days gave me a better understanding of my children, my own inner child and allowed for a more meaningful conversation with my children.

I would love to continue updating myself and refreshing my parenting skills with future workshops.

Amrita Kilachand, Mumbai


Our children are our greatest teachers. They are here to show us the way to our most true selves. They are here to usher us to our deepest healing. May you always be reminded of their power and purpose, so you may CONNECT with your children and FIND who YOU truly are!

Your sacred obligation to your children, and in all your relationships really, is to grow yourself up.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary